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Here league commissioners may exercise their power by giving publicity to players of noteworthy achievements.

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Hamil Hollowbane from Sylvania Shadows: The best at wrapping up games
Ladies and Gentlemen, It's time to introduce our final inductee for the first round of the Hall of Fame! Sorry for the delay, we had to track him down, dig him up, dust him off, get him back in a uniform, call in the necromancer to get him to "look alive" for the photo... it was a whole mess. Introducing, HAMIL HOLLOWBANE! A Mummy of immense presence on the field, he was the star of the Sylvania Shadows, who took the Season 7 Championships! With a whopping 15 casualties and set of skills to keep any line of scrimmage from getting too crowded, he was a force to be reckoned with! His rise to fame was sɛt when he got all wound up for a revenge victory against the Acorn Avengers in the Finals. Earlier in the season, the Avengers had ragged on the Shadows and, not being one to take things lying down, Hamil sent one of their linemen to their tomb. When the teams met again the threat of more death perhaps kept the elves feeling a little stiff, or perhaps their plans for the game unraveled, and the Shadows saw their opponents run home to their mummies. We are glad to welcome Hamil into the hall! player picture

Posted Thu Jul 25 2019
Piddy "Exterminator" Burrain from Blue Reach Buccaneers: Somehow Managed to Kill Two
So, everyone makes concessions for Halflings, and in return they make great concession stands during the games! This might be one of those times... Introducing our fourth Hall of Fame member, Piddy "Exterminator" Burrain! We're not entirely sure how, but during his career he managed to kill not one, but TWO other players! Granted, one was a skink, it was still an impressive hit from tiny little Piddy. Perhaps it was more the skink running full speed into Piddy while he was falling over trying to secure his spiked helmet. We're not sure. The other kill though, was an orc thrower by the name of Dakka Rok-Tossa from the Black Krag Krushaz, same team as Marfak, one of our other inductees! For a halfling to kill an orc... That's just... unheard of! But it was absolutely confirmed, checked, double checked, confirmed again, multiple apothecaries weighing in on cause of death, several experts were consulted, and somehow yes, a halfling killed an orc. Perhaps that's why Piddy retired and left home, fearing backlash from the orcs trying to reclaim their lost honor. We couldn't get a picture in his uniform, and all game footage showed only the top of his helmet in each shot. So we caught up with Piddy and took a photo for his induction while he was relaxing on a cruise. Welcome to the Hall Piddy, We're really not sure how you did it, but you did! player picture

Posted Fri Jul 12 2019
Jack Gallows from Plunderworld [S11 Champion]: Ferocious, Unrelenting, Cunning Killer
Time to announce our third inductee, and first from modern times! Jack Gallows. (Ok good, he didn't hear me. Normally anyone who said his name on the field left with most of their blood on the OUTside!) We would be remiss if all of the inductees were focused on those that simply played the bowl, ignoring that critical blood part, and there's none more brutal than this one. This brutal little rat made a name for himself not as carrying his team to victory as the other inductees did, but single-handedly sending half of each opposing team home with injuries. None were safe from his wrath on the pitch, and very few were safe off of it! Plunderworld were the Underworld team that took the Season 11 Championship, beating the Squig Stompas into a pulp before allowing their gutter runners to score the final goal. In that final game, Jack was able to almost kill Grazog "The Maniac" Skull'kraka, the most brutal of orcs on the pitch, and while the apothecary was busy patching him up to just an armor loss, Jack went right up to a Black orc named Brick and took his right arm clean off! We are (with several reservations as to the safety of the Hall of Fame office staff) excited to bring Jack Gallows into the hall! player picture

Posted Mon Jul 8 2019
Marfak Basha from Black Krag Krushaz: Inspiration to Orcs Everywhere!
As our second inductee to the GHBBL Hall of Fame, we look to the Season 5 championship team, Black Krag Krushaz, and their inspirational leader, MARFAK BASHA! Marfak was not only a successful blitzer, with 7 touchdowns, 2 completions, and a Casualty in his short, 11 game career. But he inspired his fellow orcs with on the pitch leadership and in some cases tough love. He was known to punch members of his own team in the face to keep them going in the right direction! How he didn't receive more violence from his teammates is beyond logic! Perhaps it was the respect he garnered off the field, during the Waaaaagh of 2512. If orcs had decorated war heroes, this orc might fit the bill! Or maybe, just maybe, it was his legendary final game against the 'Muricans' in the Season 5 championship, where he bashed through the 'oomies and broke free for not one but two touchdowns! Marfak was the first in a long line of cunning, yet brutal orc players to enter the game, and since his retirement has been seen training new blitzers to enter the league. We here at the GHBBL Hall of Fame are delighted to bring Marfak into the hall! player picture

Posted Sun Jul 7 2019
Carrion Fester from Two Stone Hexans: Touchdown Extraordinaire, Two-Time Champion
Carrion Fester is a name that may not sound familiar to our newer fans. But to our grizzled, bloodweiser fueled old-timers, it's a name that either strikes fear, or inspires pride! It's only right that our league's very first inductee into the Hall of Fame is a Bull Centaur of such great stature. The Two Stone Hexans took not just one, but two Championship victories! Back to Back wins in the Nuffle Invitational and the 2513 Heatwave Cup! The Team was led to victory by their star Carrion Fester! Fester trampled players and referees alike on his way to the endzone, a total of 15 times his hooves would stomp through the pitch and go the distance! But it wasn't just his speed that was impressive. There wasn't a player in the league that could corral this monster. Fester was more agile than most members of his race, and prided himself in getting away from anyone, even using his strength to break away from opponents when he felt his agility might fail. We here at the GHBBL Hall of Fame are glad to welcome Fester into the hall. player picture

Posted Thu Jul 4 2019